Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Development Blog - #1

New Beginnings

It's been a while since I've posted any sort of major news anything to the community, a lot of stuff has happened in my personal life but I really don't want to go into detail and well.. to say the very least, here we go again. What exactly has happened since the last news update that I gave out? Planning, lots and lots of planning. I've gone through every single idea and every single document that I had written up and I took what I liked, got rid of what I didn't like and added in some more stuff that I thought was necessary as well as some more detail so I didn't run in circles at two in the morning wondering what to do. It ended up being something that I was very satisfied with, even though it was essentially an entire document that is essentially a bunch of baby steps to take,it laid out a very good foundation for the projects future.

So what has happened, exactly? A very good friend and I started development about 1 month ago and it's been going very, very well. We've been making more progress then there has ever been towards the project, there are FPS controls implemented along with a system that allows us to assign variables to houses and other entities, make changes, save the changes done. To make this more simple, take this example (We will get a visual next month, I promise) You have a house, lets say that this house has electricity and water. If you craft something that requires the use of a power tool, the amount of electricity goes down. Electricity is lost whenever lights are on too, however this isn't a big deal until the power grid goes down and the houses will continue to consume power until there is none left in the grid. This system allows us to have a very 'real' feeling environment. Water and power eventually get shut down as they would in a post apocalyptic scenario however, there are ways to restore them such as a generators for electricity or a well to provide water in place of what was left in the pipes before the water was cut.

Another example of the system, if you were enter a house, you leave the front door open, you go upstairs open a window and crawl out exiting by crawling on a pipe on the side of the house. (Stuff won't be that cool for a while, but stay with me.) When you return to the house, the same doors will be opened, everything will be saved.. everything is persistent in this way and in turn this allows for more freedom with the environment and how the player can interact with it.

Project New Horizon is being coded from the ground up to be the zombie game I've always really wanted but I could never have. Dead Matter was once the same however I no longer have to deal with the limitations of modding Crysis 2 and now I can truly unleash what I've always wanted to do, be prepared.

Try not to get bit.


  1. Having seen your work on Dead matter, I have full confidence in Project New Horizons. I hope development is moving forward, and if it is not, may this comment serve as a confidence booster!

    The world needs a good zombie game, and if ever you need some free labor, I can always use the experience and I'm very enthusiastic about this basically unsung project.

    PS: Crossbow/Bow + reclaimable projectiles - no zombie game has done this justice yet.

    1. Thanks for the reply, it's good to know that people still feel confident that I can pull through and actually put a game together.

  2. When will the Project New Horizons will be released Johnny, Cant wait for it since I got crysis 2 few weeks ago and I loved your Dead Matter Mod!